Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good Change? Bad Change?

Anyone can pretty much do anything online. It’s funny how much things has evolved in such a short span of time. I can still remember using the internet just to chat with friends at MIRC and doing a few research here and there. Now you can do a gazillion things.

Research. Internet has probably changed the way students do their research. Before, we used to stay beyond school hours at the library and browse through books and encyclopedias just so we have the information we need for school the next day. I even remember borrowing 2-3 reference books at the same time. Now, almost anyone have internet connection at home and Google is such an easy site to use. You just type the topic and in seconds, hundreds and hundreds of information can be pulled up.

Work. I never considered working from home. I always see myself wearing corporate clothes, all made up and going to work; until I met a few women who made a living at the comforts of their own home. This made me re-think about my priorities especially when I got really sick last year. So guess where I am now! Yes! I am now a work-at-home mom. Websites like Odesk, Elance and Online Jobs PH provide such opportunities. I got extremely lucky that I found great employers at Odesk. The perks are endless too! I can wake up early, pull my hair together, have breakfast and then open my laptop and go to work. You read that right. There are even days that I work before I had my bath. Ha ha! Aside from the perks, there are disadvantages too. Have you tried working with a toddler running around? It takes a lot to keep them distracted.

I work better when the toddler's asleep in bed.

Shopping. Forget about crazy crowds during mall sales, there are hundreds of deals available online. Online shopping is the easiest way to get the stuff that you need without leaving your home. You can either go to one of those group buying sites like Cash Cash Pinoy or one of those online shopping stores like Zalora Philippines. They offer a wide range of products from clothes to skincare to accessories. You don’t even have to have a credit card to be able to shop online. Zalora Philippines allows you to pay cash (on selected cities) upon delivery. How convenient is that?

Communication. Gone are the days when you wait for the mailman so you can get your mail. Now you can send emails anytime anywhere and your message gets sent in seconds. I must admit though that I miss those days when I head to the bookstore and buy those uber cute stationeries. And how can you not think about the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? I’m probably one of those people who couldn’t let one day pass without checking my accounts because that’s how we communicate with my relatives in the US and my in-laws in Manila.

What about you? What do you think about the changes?

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