Sunday, October 13, 2013

Planet Mom Discovery: The District North Point Family Lounge

For the nursing moms in Bacolod, this post is definitely for you.  I have featured several breastfeeding stations in Metro Manila and the airports in Iloilo and Bacolod before so this post shouldn't be any different. I am just extremely excited that I have discovered this family lounge inside The District North Point in Talisay.

The community center is located along the national highway adjacent to the Ayala North Point in Talisay. The place has a very laid back atmosphere despite it being a commercial building.  I learned from my friend and breastfeeding mom, Jireh, that they have a family lounge which she suggests that I visit.  She describes the place as amazing. Curious about what it looks like and intrigued because I thought it would be a great place to feature here, I took my son with me at the second floor of the building.

Note at the Attendant's Table
I was greeted by the friendly attendant who asked if I am a VIPinoy or BPI cardholder. I said no and I asked if I can use the breastfeeding room.  She said yes and asked someone to lead me to it.

Inside the breastfeeding room are two smaller rooms with sliding doors that you can close if you need privacy. I also like that even if you are inside, you can still faintly hear the music being played inside the mall. Did I mention that the place is sqeaky clean?

A very comfortable and inviting couch greeted us but this is not the nursing station yet.
Surprise! There's a play area behind that comfy couch.
Love the breastfeeding room. Comfy couch and sliding doors for privacy.
It is indeed a lounge meant for relaxing. There are magazines that you can read. The couches are comfortable and the breastfeeding room exceeded my expectation. I later found out that nursing mom can freely use the space if they need to breastfeed.  Senior citizens, pregnant women and persons with disabilities can stay and rest for a while too.

Drop by the family lounge if you visit the mall. When you do, let me know what you think about it.


  1. I like it when malls take the extra effort to create lounges for breastfeeding moms / kids / families. It makes family day outs A LOT easier. I'm the kind of person who doesn't feel comfortable breastfeeding in public so we really only go to malls with comfortable breastfeeding stations.

  2. I'm actually quite comfortable with breastfeeding in public but like you I appreciate establishments who creates spaces for nursing moms like us. I like going to breastfeeding rooms especially if I want to get really comfortable.

    Thanks for dropping by Mommy Kim. :)

  3. Cozy! I hope malls should consider this especially for breastfeeding moms and having toddlers

    1. That's true. It's good to at least have a place to relax. I've seen this in malls like SM, Glorietta and Shangri-La. I've yet to find out if other malls have this too!

  4. Great Idea for Ayala North Point. With this kind of Family Lounge breastfeeding in Mall is not a problem anymore. Thanks for sharing Adventures on Planet Mom.


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