Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spongebob's Yellow Party

For the kids and the kids at heart, Nickelodeon has a FREE event at the Bonifacio Global City this weekend.  An afternoon of fun filled activities and games for the kids and all you need to do is show up. 

See you there!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Answer to My Insecurity

I used to take home at least 8-10 oz of milk for my son.  I am so used to seeing my stash in the ref and in the freezer.  But recently I can hardly fill a 4-oz bottle in a 9 hour shift.  I know I have milk but I couldn't help but be insecure when I see the new moms easily fill an 8oz bottle with ease.  I wasn't able to attend the La Leche League meeting last week and so I went to Medela Mom's seminar on Increasing Milk Supply. 

Abbie Yabot in action

The meeting was facilitated by the La Leche League leader, Abbie Yabot held at the Medela House in New Manila.  I didn't get to catch the first part of the seminar because I was at least an hour late (I fell asleep on the couch.  I said I was just going to rest for 15 minutes and ended up sleeping for an hour. hehe).  But the gist is, the mom has to be relaxed, breasts have to be stimulated and direct feed to increase supply.  What I learned that I am looking forward to applying are the breast massages shown by Abbie. These are simple massages that any mom can do before pumping/nursing and while pumping/nursing the baby. 

Yummy treats provided by Mommy Treats and Ella Eats

I am so glad I get the chance to talk to Abbie after the training and shared with her my predicament.  She pointed out that my son is almost two years old.  And milk supply do decrease as the baby grows older.  Breastfeeding moms should expect a decrease in supply once a child starts eating solid food at 6 months and may continue to decrease in his/her toddler years.   I felt better and she reassured me that I need not worry.  I should just increase my son's food intake before going to bed.  That way he will not ask for milk in the middle of the night.   I will definitely try that - or get my husband to try that since I work at nights and he pretty much stays with the kids. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Breastfeeding Station at SM Bacolod

We had our vacation in Bacolod about two weeks ago.  What I usually do when I visit the malls is check if they have breastfeeding stations and where they are located at.  Not that I am not comfortable nursing my son in public, there are just certain days that I want to nurse in a more quiet place. 

I was quite pleased when I found out that SM Bacolod has their own nursing station located at the foodcourt.  If you had the chance to visit the breastfeeding stations in other SM stores in Manila, it will be very easy to conclude that "they all look alike."  So far I have seen SM Centerpoint, SM Mall of Asia and SM Makati.  The furnitures are the same.  The rooms have the a sink if you need to wash up and they have a diaper changing station inside.  I personally don't think that it is the best place to put the diaper changing station.  I mean you don't want to change your son's dirty nappy while the other kids are eating. 

Breastfeeding Station right at the SM foodcourt

The same comfortable chair that I see when I was in SM MOA and SM Centerpoint

As expected, the place is really clean but the only difference is that the aircon inside their breastfeeding area is not working.  It's pretty warm.  My son and I just stayed there for a good 5 minutes and I had to leave. 

Have you visited any breastfeeding station lately?  I wonder which one's the best...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Elite is Finally Home

You can imagine our excitement when we won the Ameda Elite contest.  The pump and the 5 hygenikits were turned over to us by Mi'Ann (Babymama) last March 30, 2012.

With Mi'Ann (Babymama), Joyce Cosenas (AVP - HR) and Lenard Quirante (Manager - HR)

Mi'Ann was greeted by the HR management headed by our AVP, Joyce Cosenas.  Being a breastfeeding mom herself, Joyce was as excited as I was when she learned that the employees will have a discounted rate if they purchase additional hygenikits from Babymama online.

The Ameda Elite set up in Cafe Au Lait

The Aegis Cafe Au Lait will be the Elite's home until next year; although I'm hoping that it will be it's home for good. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Weeklong Vacation At Last

I couldn't remember the last time I took a long break away from work.  I normally just take a day (or two) off aside from my rest days.  A couple of months back, my husband and I decided to visit my hometown -- Bacolod.  I admit I was quite hesitant at first because I know that Bacolod is a very laid back City compared to Manila.  And I always said to myself that I never want to die of boredom.  But I just thought that my parents will be really really happy to see their grandkids all grown up. 

A week before the scheduled trip, I found myself counting the days before we finally board the plane and leave.  Maybe because there were so many things that happened at work that I was looking forward to my quiet time. 

At the Airport

Boy was I glad that I went home.  

Seven days of doing nothing but eat, sleep and rest.  I missed sleeping at night and seeing the day.  I have been working in the graveyard shift for the past 7 years (and counting).

Seven days of relactating.  May I just say that I am soooooooo thankful that I am still breastfeeding.  I didnt have to bring any bottles at all!

Seven days of reconnecting with my parents; and them building memories with my kids. 

Seven days of catching up with old friends.  We talked as if we just parted yesterday.  It was amazing how we can just pick up where we left off.  And to think that we haven't seen each other for years. 

Great time with Great Friends
Seven days of reminiscing.  Seeing those old places and what changed the last time I visited the city. 

Seven days of pure heaven. 

I was wrong.  I didn't die of boredom.  I was even sorry that the seven days went by that fast and I had to go back.  I have been working hard for the past years and I so deserved this break.  But I will definitely be doing this again soon. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Adventures at the Babywearing Meet 4

I started wearing my son when he was around 9 months old.  I fell in love with babywearing since then.  I've had my trusty ring sling from the beginning and I thought maybe I'd buy another one.  My ring sling still works just fine except for the small tear on it's "tail."  My eyes were set on buying a Saya because of it's fabric and the fact that the support is on both shoulders however, I just couldn't seem to figure out how to use it without any help.  Perfect timing because Eliza (Painter's Wife) and Jenny organized the 4th Babywearing meet.

Unlike the 2nd meet held in Starbucks, the event was more organized this time.  There's an area for the babywearers and would be babywearers to listen and watch the vendors demonstrate how the products are worn and at the back of the venue is where you can find the exhibitors offering to give a one-on-one tutorial.  You can even purchase your baby carrier at the event.

Bianca Araneta showing how the Mei Tai works
Jenny wearing a ring sling, Buding wearing a Saya and Eliza wearing Basti in a Pouch
Daddy Jay of Ergo Baby Carrier
Buding introducing the Hybrid - a combination of the ring sling and the Saya
We had a great time even if I didn't win any of the items that were raffled off.  We went there to learn how to wear the Saya but ended up buying a pouch.  Why? Because wearing it is like a no-brainer. (he-he).

Until the next event!!! 

Babywearing Meet 4 Class Picture courtesy of Stanley Ong.  HANDS FREE!!!