Sunday, September 29, 2013

Planet Mommy Discovery: Tiny Buds Natural Baby Bath

I found out about the Tiny Buds Natural Baby Bath after my son was named as one of the Tiny Buds Baby Ambassador last February 13, 2013 . Although I've been using a different baby bath for my son, I got one of them immediately after I learned that it's already available. Tiny Buds has Planet Mom's approval in terms of providing effective and baby safe products and this is one product that I don't want to miss.

The baby bath comes in a 200 ml package and just like any other Tiny Buds products, it featured one animal.  This time it featured the whale and two really cute ducks that my son adored; although the Penguin from Tiny Buds Scratch Off remains his favorite.  

Tiny Buds Natural Baby bath is both a shampoo and a body wash which is exactly what I look for.  It's made from all natural ingredient that is safe for your baby's skin.

As soon as I received the package I immediately used it on my son's next bath.  The product is true to its label that its indeed mild as water.  He didn't get irritated when a little bit of water and soap would go to his eyes.  However, the scent is just too mild for an active 3-year old toddler who loves to run around whenever he can.  If I had a baby, I would definitely get this.

Get more information about the different Tiny Buds' products by visiting their Facebook Fan Page.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Google Day in Bacolod

One thing that I missed the most since I move back here in Bacolod is the lineup of events and seminars that are available in Manila.  When I was there I've had the chance to attend breastfeeding, attachment parenting, cloth diapering, babywearing, WAHM-ing and homeschooling seminars that allowed me to re-think about my parenting style.  I find these seminars really helpful as a mother.

I'm still a mom but one thing that added on to my role is being an entrepreneur - a mompreneur.  It's very timely because Google has recently organized two events for the Negrenses.  We attended the Negrense Women's Summit last August 31 and the Google Day earlier today at the Sugarland Hotel.

My good friend Yen De Felipe tackling the subject of Online Marketing
Today was just another day to network with other entrepreneurs and other future and present Google users. The Google business group Bacolod (GBG) organized a whole day activity and gave us an opportunity to learn about Google, its different applications and how it can be used to leverage your businesses. After the keynote speaker in the morning, there is a break out session and the attendees get to choose which topic they want to learn about.  As for me and my business partners, Yols and Seia, we attended the talks on:

  • Technopreneurship
  • Building Your Online Presence
  • Monetizing Your Business by Blogging
  • Community Engagement

Jonathan Lansangan, Co-founder and COO of Dynamic Objx on Technopreneurship

I did learn a lot from the speakers and believe me, I've got a long list of takeaways waiting for me to accomplish.  However, if I am to enumerate two things that struck me the most, they are:

  • Technopreneurship is hard work.  Do not go into it if  you're in it for fame, fortune, freedom, fancy or force. I used to think that if I do have my own business then its going to be better because I am in charge of my time. I'm going to be free and I get to do stuff that I want to do, when I want to do it. Well, there's truth to that. I manage my time but most of it are spent thinking about what we can do better. What can we change? So, yeah. There goes freedom. There's a long list in my mind and in my laptop about what needs to be done. And who needs to do it? Me. Or Yols. Or Seia.  Between freelancing, the business and my advocacy, I definitely need to manage my time better. 

  • Content is KING.  Whether you blog for personal reasons or you blog to get your business and your products noticed, you've got to create quality content.  Write something that your readers want to know. Write about things that you're passionate about. Let this be the reason why your followers would come back to your site and even share the posts that you've written.

We had fun at Google Day! Time pressure kept us from spelling Google correctly. Lol.
Overall it was a great event. Great food, good venue and very relevant topics. Too bad thought that the internet connection was not so good earlier. Would I be attending the next event? Definitely. But for now, I need to get myself to explore the Google communities.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mom and Me Fun Circuit [Press Release]

Coming from a successful launch last summer, Mom and Me is back with a brand new twist. Every weekend of October, pack your bags and get your game on as they’re taking super active moms and kids on a road trip to the best activity hotspots in the metro. 

Spending quality time with the kids, especially in their formative years, is the best expression of love and care. Kids crave for their parents' affection and undivided attention, especially now that in most families, both parents are working, having to leave the house very early and coming home late at night. There is no better way to spend time with your kids than doing activities they love together with them. 

Mom and Me Fun Circuit will happen every Saturday and Sunday of October with each event day featuring three different activities. Hop on a super cool bus and take the weekend off with your little ones, sharing bonding moments as you do sports, cooking and baking, swimming, arts and crafts classes, and more in the stops. Through the variety of activities, get to know more about your kids and maybe even discover what their passions are.  

Mom and Me has curated some of the best activities that moms and kids can do together, and packed them all into one exciting and adventurous weekend road trip! 

Entrance passes to this fun-filled bonding experience is at P750, good for 1 mom/dad and 1 child. Schedule of activities and availability of tickets will be announced soon! Keep updated on this blog and on Mom and Me Facebook ( Twitter (!