Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Day in the Rain

The temperature have been extremely hot these days.  Sure we're not in Manila, but it's still scorching hot. So when it finally rained, my kids took advantage of it.

Playing out in the rain
One of the things I loved when we moved back to the province is they were able to do the things they don't normally do in Manila.  My kids, for the second time, was able to bathe and play in the rain.  I just love seeing the delight in their faces.

scared of the thunder

It was only when the thunder roared that my son decided he's had enough.  As for my daughter, I let her be with her friends.  What a fun staycation!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Planet Mom Recommends: Bite Block Insect Repellent

Now that I'm back to blogging, I thought I'd be featuring some of the products that our family has been using and let you know why I love them.  I call them - Planet Mom Recommends

We knew about Bite Block when we went to the Grand Baby Fair a couple of years ago.  Dengue was so rampant then and we couldn't take the risk of having our kids bitten by those pesky mosquitoes. 

The two variants of Bite Block - Kids and Daily

It also comes in a box of 5 (sachets). Perfect when travelling.

Bite Block (for Kids) is especially produced for kids. It is mild and hypoallergenic with Picardin (safer alternative to Deet) as the active ingredient which repels the insects such as mosquitoes.  It can provide protection for as long as 8 hours and the lotion is safe for kids 6 months and up.  

Sure there are a lot of insect repellents out there but why Bite Block? It protects my kids for 8 hours.  It is very effective and what I love most of all is the scent.  It's not overpowering and it actually smells a lot like lotion - except it's not sticky. 

You can get them at your leading drugstores and supermarket.  And if you're from Bacolod, I found one sold at Lopue's East. 

Visit their website at .

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back from Blogging Hiatus

I have been out for almost a month now.  If you are wondering where I have been and what I have been doing, this is why - we just made a BIG MOVE back to our hometown in Bacolod.

Now that we have settled down, I will be back to blogging starting this week.  And I am so excited to write about the city where I grew up in and the new adventures that my family has in this old city.  Expect to read more about things that you can do when you decide to visit the City of Smiles.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my previous posts that you find informative and useful.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Traveling with a Toddler

It's not easy to travel with kids, especially toddlers.  My parents live in Bacolod so,  traveling is something that we do quite frequently.  I have listed a few tips (that worked for me) when we traveled with my two-year old Energizer bunny.

Flights - If you are taking a plane ride, do not choose the late evening flight.  When we flew back to Manila, we chose the flight that departed at 8pm.  WRONG MOVE!  There is a bigger chance that the flight will get delayed and that means dealing with a cranky, sleepy toddler.  Then when we arrived in Manila, the traffic from the airport is still bad and it took us a while to get home.  We were so tired then.

The morning flight or the afternoon flight worked best for us.  And check the airline's website once in a while.    Cebu Pacific has several promos offered to its passengers.  Our one way flight (for 4 pax) cost us almost four (4) thousand pesos only.

Baby Carrier - Choose a sturdy and comfortable Baby Sling or Carrier for you and your kid.  I personally have worn my son for almost 2 years now and I find these carriers a necessity when traveling.  Using the sling would mean me having two extra hands to carry my bags or push the cart.

wearing my baby at the airport check in counter

Toddler's Nook - Be in the lookout for Toddler's nook at the airport.  I've discovered that there is one at the Iloilo City Airport and Bacolod Silay Airport.  It certainly helped me in keeping my son entertained while waiting for our flight.

Toys - Bring a toy (or two) inside your carry on bag.  These will come in handy during the flight.  My son didn't sleep the entire flight so he ended up playing with Mater and Robot.

Keeping himself entertained during the flight
Breastfeed or Offer a Bottle during Takeoff or Landing - This will encourage your kid to swallow thereby helping him (or her) to adjust to the changes in the cabin pressure.  I've seen this work numerous times. Trust me.

Now all you have to do is check whether your carry on bag has the essentials.  Sippy cups, bottles and formula (if you're bottle feeding), toys, extra nappies, wipes and don't forget your ticket and your toddler's birth certificate.   Then relax and enjoy the start of your vacation.

What about you? Got any travel tips?