Monday, November 10, 2014

What to Expect with Pocket Cloth Diapers

Alvababy cloth diapers is one of the cloth diapers that I've tried and since then I got hooked to cloth diapering.  Aside from Alvababy, I bought Coolababy and Babyland. Some may not really like pocket cloth diapers but I fell in love with it. There is something about stuffing those diapers that takes my stress away. Sounds weird? Maybe.

Here's what to expect when you purchase one set of cloth diapers. A set is composed of one (1) diaper cover and one (1) insert.


The diaper cover has a waterproof outershell.  What's fun about it is that it comes in different colors and prints. It has several snaps that allows you to adjust the diaper depending on your baby's age and size.  The sides have pleated elastic which is designed to hold your baby's poop.  It either has a micropolar fleece or suede lining that dries fast and keeps the moisture aware from your baby's bum.

Notice also that at the topmost of the diaper cover is a pocket opening where the inserts are placed.


The standard inserts that come with the set is a 3-layer microfiber inserts but in general, inserts can be made from different kinds of fabric like Bamboo, Hemp, Zorb and even a combination of materials like Bamboo and Charcoal Bamboo or Bamboo and Microfiber. They can go from 3 layers to 5 layers depending on how absobent you want your diaper to be.

Nowadays, you can get these cloth diapers from different online stores. If you're from Bacolod, you can get them from Pink n' Blue.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm the Mom!: Expomom 2014

Since our family relocated back to Bacolod last year, one of the things that I really miss is attending the Mommy Mundo events. Now that I'm back in Manila (at least for a couple of weeks), I didn't miss that chance to use my Mommy Mundo passport and check out what's new and interesting.

For years I got so used to attending the event at the Rockwell Tent in Makati. This time the event is held at the Glorietta Activity Center. I'm not complaining because the place is very familiar, accessible and convenient for me. It's hard enough to travel with a toddler, much more if you have to deal with traffic.

Entrance to the Event

It was good to see familiar booths there like Mommy Treats, my uber favorite when I was still working at a BPO company and I had to maintain my milk supply. There's Tiny Buds, Cycles, Cluebebe, Bug & Kelly, Mustela and Medela. One thing that really caught my attention (especially my son) was Sand Puff.

It teaches texture. It's clean, safe and a great alternative for clay and soil. (Yes, my son plays with soil and makes mud cakes with it.) It's soft. It doesn't stick to your hands. It kind of has that Moon dough consistency but it will surely get your child's attention

"Look, Mama. It's snow!"
We also got to see Tintin Bersola-Babao

I love that events such as Mommy Mundo give entrepreneurs the chance to showcase their products and parents like me to discover something that will either help enhance my kids skills while playing and make my life a little easier. (Lol) Let's face it. It's not that easy to keep your child still for a long period of time and I don't really like my kids to be hooked on TV or video games.

One thing I missed though are the water station, the breastfeeding area and the diaper changing area within the event area. But then again, the event is inside the mall so I'm guessing it shouldn't be that big of a hassle.

Thanks Mommy Mundo for inviting me and Congratulations for another great event!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Moms be Proud: Shout You The Mom! [Press Release]

By the time a child reaches his second birthday, his mother would have changed his diaper 7,300 times. By his 18th birthday, she would have prepared for him 19,710 meals--and spent more than 100,000 hours to his care, granted that she gets to sleep eight hours every day that is, which is doubtful. Motherhood truly is an all-encompassing vocation, which can sometimes overwhelm mothers themselves.

But what makes moms so good at what they do is that they absolutely love what they’re doing. Caring for baby while running her home, making sure healthy meals are prepared at home, and all the children’s needs are met. They do the groceries, take the kids to the dentist, and oh, and in most households, moms hold 9 to 5 jobs or run successful businesses too!

Mommy Mundo Founder Janice Villanueva says, “We admire moms for their almost superhuman qualities, their powers in time management and multitasking alongside their ability to do anything and everything for their loved ones, and they all do these things wholeheartedly and passionately at that! And because most moms do all these tasks with grace and usually with flair even, we may sometimes forget to show her some appreciation and affirmation.

Even moms themselves sometimes don’t seem to recognize their own efforts. That’s because taking on numerous responsibilities and caring for those we love come natural to us. Still, we should take pride in who we are and the important roles we play not only in our own families, but also in our communities and country.

This Expo Mom 2014, we shout out YOU THE MOM! – this is a campaign to  recognize the many big and small accomplishments of all moms. Through various planned activities online and at the Expo Mom event, we affirm and appreciate all the awesome things that moms do every single day, whether they’re taking care of their babies at home, doing volunteer work for a cause they believe in, or helping out a friend in need.

Now on its seventh year, Expo Mom is the biggest event of its kind, gathering progressive, active moms in an environment that’s both recreational and educational. Showcasing beloved mom brands alongside mom-created products, Expo Mom has drawn over 60,000 mom participants since 2008. It has become a venue for like-minded moms to establish lasting connections and has also become the catalyst for the mompreneur movement in Manila. This year’s Expo Mom will feature over 60 booths at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center, Palm Drive, Ayala Center. Expo Mom 2014 will also feature all-day talks, demos, and raffle draws.

Expo Mom’s You The Mom! campaign puts the spotlight on all the unbelievably good things that moms do by featuring 10 women whose stories represent every mom who has made a difference in her community, her family and in her child’s life. Real portraits of these moms, as photographed by Cres Rodriguez-Yulo, will be showcased via in an online gallery, hoping to spur on a complimenting social media campaign encouraging everybody to take the time to post a #youthemom statement. Statements from moms can be a post on what they are most proud of as a mom.  For non-moms, posts can be a shout out all the good things that your mom has done for you or recognize a mom friend who inspires you. By using the hashtag #youthemom and #expomommanila, posts will be tracked and 3 of its participants will get a chance to win sponsored shopping sprees at Expo Mom.

At Expo Mom, a “You The Mom!” signature wall will allow moms to write their statements on what they are most proud of as a mom. “You The Mom!” is a celebration of motherhood,” Janice says. “We want to give value to moms who make a difference in the lives of our families and influence the course of our country. If you know of such a mom, give her a hug today to show just how much you appreciate her. If you’re a mom yourself, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back because you’re doing an awesome job! You The Mom!”

Entrance to Expo Mom 2014 will be a requested donation to MomShare’s literacy projects. One hundred percent of Expo Mom’s entrance fees will go to its partner beneficiary, Kinder Project, which aims to provide reading tools and training to public school teachers in Quezon City and Payatas.

Mommy Mundo Privilege Passport holders get in free and will bring home a You The Mom! Tote bag. To apply for a Passport, log on to

For more information and event updates, visit Download coupons and the event map from the website and be prepared for a grand time.  To be part of the You The Mom! Campaign, check out
Follow Mommy Mundo on facebook, twitter and instagram for updates on events and activities for moms throughout the year.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Planet Mom's Top Graduation Picks

Nothing compares to the pride and happiness you feel when you see your child march down the aisle and get her diploma. As a parent, a grade school graduation means that we are halfway towards our dream of seeing our child get a degree in college. For our daughter, it is a start of another journey of endless possibilities. We couldn't be any more proud.

I'm one proud momma!
Sure, your child may be marching down the aisle, but you also want to feel good and look good on your daughter's special day. Unfortunately, there are times when mommy duties get in the way thus, making it challenging to have enough time to check out the mall and find the dress for the big day. Thank God for online shops like Lazada Ph because it makes shopping easier for busy moms like me.

What are my top picks?

1. Dion and Mary Jaclyn Dress (Paisley Blue)
I'm not so much of a dress person so I often go for comfortable and stylish blouses. I love the color and most importantly, it is button down which makes it easier for me if I need to nurse my son. This can be paired up with slacks (if you want to go formal) and denims (if you want to go casual).

2. Twinky Macy Suede Peep Toe Heels
I find this pair of shoes formal yet fun. You can use this whether you may be wearing a dress or a pair of slacks.

3. Alberto Handbag
I like my bags spacious so I can stuff one extra cloth nappy, baby wipes together with my make up (for retouch) and other essentials. It's classic and it goes well with any occasion.

4. Samsung ST150F 16.2 MP Digital Camera
Definitely a must-have. You want to have that perfect camera to capture each moment because this is one event that shouldn't be missed. Your baby will graduate from pre-school, grade school, high school or college only once. (Unless they plan to do things all over again, which I'm not sure if its allowed. He he!)
This Samsung camera has Wi-Fi connectivity and takes quality images because it has 5x optical zoom and 16.2 megapixels.

When you have everything set, all you have to do is sit back, smile and take everything in. Remind yourself too to give yourself a pat on the back and say, "Good job, Mommy!"

The 5th Babypalooza Bazaar [Press Release]

Buy loads of pre-loved and brand new baby and parenting items at the
Babypalooza Bazaar on March 29!

The 5th Babypalooza Bazaar will be on March 29, 2014 at the Walter Hogan Conference Center inside the Ateneo de Manila campus in Quezon City. The shopping venue is air-conditioned and within a few steps of clean rest rooms. The Babypalooza Bazaar is fast becoming the go-to event for AFFORDABLE baby and maternity needs. It sets itself apart from the rest of the baby fairs by giving equal exposure to both brand new and pre-loved (i.e. gently used) products and gear for babies, toddlers and pregnant mommies. In true budget-friendliness, entrance and parking are free too!

A special air-conditioned family room will also be available to the public for breastfeeding, diaper changes, play and resting (aka the Daddy Waiting Lounge).

Join the Babypalooza community by liking their page on Facebook,

Don't forget!!

Event: 5th Babypalooza Bazaar
Date & time: March 29, 2014, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Venue: Walter Hogan Conference Center, Ateneo de Manila University, QC

Contact numbers: 0917 814 8447 / 0917 609 1472/ 02 341 2873/ 02 624 5710

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bacolod Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Training

One of my personal goals this year was to get trained as a breastfeeding peer counselor. I failed to breastfeed my daughter 11 years ago and I struggled with breastfeeding my son a few years later. I know how difficult it is not to have the right support because believe me, you can easily give up at the first sign of pain and discomfort. I did when I experienced sore nipples with my daughter then. When I had my son, I was fortunate to meet people who encouraged me not to give up. Today, I am a proud breastfeeding mom of an almost 4-year old son and I want to be able to help out as many moms as possible to be successful in their breastfeeding journey.

It all began with just a plan to bring the Arugaan team to Bacolod because we really want to build a breastfeeding community here. Thanks to the equally passionate ladies behind the Bacolod Mom and Baby Club, the plan became a reality.


The Arugaan team, headed by Velvet Escario-Roxas, facilitated the two-day seminar attended by moms, doctors, nurses, nutritionists and health care workers. It was everything I expected it and more. The Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Training covered everything from what our current situation is, the role that breastfeeding plays in our society and how the different formula companies' marketing tactics can undermine the woman's ability to breastfeed. The best part of the training are the "practical" exercises. Nanay Rich taught us how to properly do lactation massages, Tin taught us the right way of hand expressing milk and Velvet showed us the right positions. Tin also showed us cup feeding to avoid nipple confusion and the drip drop method that can help bring the baby back to the breast.

Dinner with the team.

Did I mention that there were moms who attended the training and ended up relactating? It was such an amazing, amazing experience.

The training in Bacolod is the last leg of their Breastfeeding Peer Counselor training before they head back to Manila. They also facilitated the training in Davao and Cagayan de Oro. The passion of these ladies (Velvet, Nanay Rich and Tin) is so admirable and so inspiring that it makes me us want to do more.

If you're from Bacolod and would need help, you can reach out to the Breastfeeding Peer Counselors of the Bacolod Mom & Baby Club through our Facebook Fan Page.