Friday, May 24, 2013

Unblocking Those Waxes

You can probably just count the number of people who are not using Q-tips to clean their ears.  As a matter of fact, I am one of them.  Cleaning my ears and my kids ears is one of the things we do as soon as we finish bathing.  What is it about Q-tips that is so bad? I mean, after all, you don't want to walk around with your earwax hanging out.

Earwax or cerumen is produced by the glands in the ear canal.  Just like mucus, it acts like a protective layer, trapping those dusts and other particles that gets in your ear that would potentially hurt your eardrums. These earwax will dry up and eventually fall out of your ear.   But sometimes it will build up, then block or impact your hearing.  One of the most common cause of blockage or impaction? Q-TIPS! or Cotton Buds.

Q-Tips pushes the rest of the earwaxes deeper inside the canal so that it would result to a build-up and therefore affecting your sense of hearing.  Some other symptoms are dizziness, ear pain, ringing in the ear, itchiness and plugged or fullness sensation.

My good friend and an ear doctor clearing out the ear blockage.

Going to the doctor is perhaps the easiest way to remove it.  After a week of applying eardrops to soften the wax, my friend used a rubber type syringe to flush it out.  This procedure only took us less than 10 minutes.

Did this change the way I feel about Q-Tips? Most definitely.  I'd probably still clean my ears but I'd be more careful.  I'd make sure that the Qtips will only be positioned at the opening of the ear canal and not go deeper.  After our session with the ENT, I don't think I want that much build-up on my ears nor on my kids ears.

How about you? How do you clean your ears?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dave, Tim and Andre

The moment my son heard the preview of the movie Despicable Me 2, he has never stopped singing the "banana" song.  He became fascinated by the minions.  When we found out that SM has an activity over the weekend which will allow kids to meet the minions, I didn't think twice about taking my son to meet them.

The first part was mostly trivias about the movie Despicable Me and then the host threw in some questions for the audience.  Whoever got the correct answer received goodies from SM.

Anyone with a 300 php purchase at SM got to write their names at the registration table and had the opportunity to have their pictures taken with minions, Tim and Dave.  It was perfect for us because we still need to buy a few things for my daughter in preparation for the upcoming school year.

My boy, brave enough to have his picture taken with the mascots
I was a little anxious when Tim and Dave came out because my son's last encounter with a mascot was not a very pleasant one.  We had to leave the room because he was screaming his lungs out.  I was pretty surprised that he actually asked me to take him to the stage and have his picture taken.  I guess he's not scared anymore.

Despicable me will be shown on the cinemas starting on July 3.  You bet my entire family will be there to enjoy the movie.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Carbin Reef Summer Getaway

My family couldn't let summer pass without heading to the beach.  As for me, I look forward to the feel of the sand on my feet and the wind in my hair.  My friend's homecoming and two of my friends' husband's birthday are the perfect excuse to head there.  Plus, we have been planning a get-together for years.  And I am saying years because my friend Cheska is based in Qatar, I used to live in Manila and a couple of them are here in Bacolod.

Our target destination - Carbin Reef.  Carbin Reef is a sandbar, 15 km northeast of Old Sagay, right on the center of the 32000-hectare Sagay Marine Reserve.  It was establish in 1999 and is home to a wide variety of underwater species.

Sagay is a two-hour drive by private car from Bacolod City.  From Sagay, you then take a short 15-20 minute pump boat ride going to Carbin Reef.  Like most parents, my issue has always been safety especially with the numerous drowning incidents reported on TV.  What made me feel secure is the fact that all passengers are wearing life jackets the entire boat ride.  It was a really quick ride and my son was even glad that he saw a jellyfish in the water.

Our boat. We finally arrived at the Reef. YAY!

I didn't quite know what to expect because my friend told me that all I will be seeing are the sand, the sky and the sea.  She was right! The place was heavenly.

My view from the cottage.

The water was so clear, you can even see your feet at the bottom.  I love the blue skies and the white sand.  The place is not commercialized. No buildings. No stores. Just us, the cottages and the beach.  Was it boring? We had the best time.  Our families get to bond together and we get to catch up with each other's lives.

My daughter with my friend's kids
Loving the water

Best experience we had and despite the sunburn and too much tan, we will be definitely coming back.