Monday, November 11, 2013

Realities of Working From Home

It has been 5 months since I started working from home and so far, we're managing. Making the decision to work from home is not to be taken lightly because believe it or not it's not as easy as it sounds. You have to be prepared -- not just emotionally but also financially.

I agree. Working from home may sound like a great set up. After you finish your task, you can just turn your computer off and then do whatever you need. 
But let me share with you the challenges that you could face when working from home.

Temptations are everywhere.  I know my laptop is supposed to be my friend but oftentimes it's not.  It is one big distraction.  I itch to check my Facebook page everyday and this is something that I am trying to control so I could be more productive. This has never happened before because when I was in the BPO industry, Facebook cannot be accessed using my work PC.

You notice EVERYTHING.  Turn to the left and you see an unmade bed.  To your right is the laundry and the bathroom that you're dying to scrub until they are squeaky clean.

Babysitting while trying to write a few articles.

Distractions.  Quite a different set up when you're at the office because there's no toddler running around looking for "Mama" there.  Then again these are sometimes good.  I love those days when I work on my articles and my son would just hug me from the back or give me a kiss.

You work with yourself. You brainstorm with yourself. I kind of miss those times when you draw out several ideas by talking with your teammates and colleagues.

So, are you still considering working from home?