Monday, May 28, 2012

Product Review: Avent Via Breastmilk Storage Kit

One of the things that I consider as a "must-have" for working nursing moms like me is a set breastmilk storage containers.  Avent Via Breastmilk Storage Kit is everything that I wanted.  A box contains 10 pcs of cups and lids that are pre-sterilized and two adaptors that I can use so I can pump my milk directly into the container.  What I love about it is that it is compatible with my pump and it is reusable.  Just make sure that you check the cup for any signs of wear and tear before reusing it.  Otherwise, you may need to dispose it.

This is great if you have a big refrigerator because you can stack the container on top of the other.  The cup is versatile too.  When my son started eating solids, we used this as a container for all his puree'd fruits and vegetables.  Now that he is 23 months old, what I do is just take out one via cup full of expressed milk, twist the lid open and he'd drink from it just like he'd drink from a regular cup.  We also use this to pack his snacks (and mine) such as mini oatmeal cookies and a handful of cereals.  So far, my milk nor his snacks and pureed vegetables has leaked out from the via cup container.

I also use it to pack my snacks at work. These are Mommy Treats Lactation Cookies.

It would have been better if the labels at the side of the container are more bold and clearer.  Once you put your breastmilk or any puree'd food inside, sometimes, you can hardly make out the number of ounces at the side of the container.  But aside from that, this product is highly recommend because of its versatility.  This has been on of my breastfriends for more than one year. 

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

No Longer a Friendship in the Virtual World

Some say that friendship in a the Virtual world would seem like surreal but it was proven otherwise when I met this wonderful women online a year ago through the Facebook Discussion board.  It was then a venue for us to share our experiences in life, love, motherhood and parenting that went on even until the discussion board was taken out. 

After dinner group picture.
The bond was never broken so they say and we continued to support each other online or offline.  Last Saturday's get together was a blast as our families get together to celebrate the last days of Summer.  

Thank you mommies for the gift of friendship.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Love to the Elderlies of Golden Acres

Last Saturday, a group of Moms who are members of the Smart Parenting online Forum, went to Golden Acres in Quezon City for an Outreach Activity.  The Outreach was headed by Yhamslove (Marycris Baldevia-de Guia) as part of the group's Mother's Day Celebration.  I was quite lucky to be part of the activity as we brought love, joy and a whole lot of pledges for the Lolos and the Lolas of Golden Acres. 

It was an afternoon full of games, laughter, music and entertainment.  It was great to see the smiles from the elderlies which made me think of my parents and how important it is for us kids to give back to those who raised and nurtured us as we grew up. 

Rocking the Dancefloor with the SP Moms

Hep Hep Horray!!!

Aside from the entertainment, we were able to collect several pledges from the members of the forum such as electric fans, clothes, adult diapers, food, toiletries, laundry and dishwashing detergents and assorted medicines for LBM, bed sores, hypertension and skin diseases. 

Thanks to those who donated.

To date, this is the 3rd Outreach activity that the group has organized.  The first one was at the PGH Cancer Institute last February 2011 and the other one was last July 2011 at Grace to Be Born.

Their smile are just priceless.

Thanks to everyone who gave their pledges and who participated to make this event a very successful one.  Until the next SP Moms Outreach Activity. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

False Positive?

It was two years ago when my husband and I decided to have baby #2.  We were quite ecstatic when my period got delayed for at least two weeks and you can imagine our delight when the pregnancy test said "POSITIVE."  At that time I was having brown discharges and so I was advised by the doctor to be on bed rest as this could be a threatened abortion.  We were worried and so I did what I was told.  However that worry turned into fear when I started having bloody red discharges the next day.  Horrified, we rushed into the hospital where an ultrasound was performed and then the news -- I was never pregnant.  What I had was a false pregnancy. 

How the tests were conducted was conducted could affect the results of any pregnancy tests; and there are ways that you could avoid it. 

Check the Pregnancy Test Kit.  Just like over the counter medicines, these tests have expiration dates and you need to be in the look out for that.  Otherwise, the accuracy of the results will be compromised. 

READ the Instructions.  This is very basic but make sure that the instructions are followed to a T.  When it tells you to check the results after three minutes then do check back after three minutes.  Use an alarm clock if needed.  If you're not sure about what you see, I say go back and take another test instead of waiting for another 5 minutes.  

Go get yourself checked by the doctor.  There are medical conditions that could cause hormonal imbalance and therefore an inaccurate test result.  In my case I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that same day.  But then that's another story. 

What about you? Got any TTC stories?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Gift of Patience

I have always been impatient.  I want things done my way on my own terms and it's never a good thing for me.  So I have been praying that God gives me patience.  Well, He does have a funny way of answering my prayer.  He made me a mother. 

I ended up having to deal with a baby who cries whenever she needs something. 
I'd have to deal with a bad latch and a sore nipple. 
There were a lot of sleepless nights (and days) including those when the kids were sick or confined in a hospital. 

I can't say I am the most patient person now but I'm far better than who I was more than 10 years ago.   He may have a funny way of granting my prayers but it was the best thing that He's done.   Because he made me a mother, I get to experience the most wonderful things.  Most of all, I am more appreciative of what my mom has done for our family.  With that I am ever so grateful. 

Fun in the Sun @ Spongebob's Yellow Party

My daughter is a big fan of Nickelodeon.  So you can imagine how she reacted when she found out about Spongebob's Yellow Party.  Not a day went by that she didn't remind me of the remaining days when we finally get to participate in that event. 

Fun in the Sun

The weather was sunny as expected.  We arrived 30 minutes before 3pm with our water bottles and our umbrellas in hand.  Having attended several Nickelodeon events, we know that waiting in line for quite sometime is something that we'll end up doing.  But it was all worth the wait. 

Sporting the Nickelodeon Sun Visor
Each kid gets a loot bag with a few Nickelodeon items upon entering.  My daughter, son and my nephew immediately put on their sun visors because of the heat.  It didn't stop them from having fun though.  My daughter immediately lined up to get her turn at the Inflatable Obstacle course.

Go Ate!!!!
Aside from the games on each of the Sponsor's booths, my daughter and her cousin got to participate in one of the games sponsored by Ace Water Spa.  They didn't win but they got another bag of free goodies.  My son on the other hand was preoccupied with the water gun. Best of all, there was SLIME. 

Great experience for the kids and great family bonding time.  Watch out for more Nickelodeon events in the future. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Breastfeeding Club's Breastfeeding 101 Class

Good news to all pregnant mothers who already made the decision and commitment in breastfeeding their kids.  The Breastfeeding Club will once again be holding their Breastfeeding 101 Class at the Medela House on May 5.  I am one person who believes that knowledge can be empowering and I highly recommend attending this class so you know what to expect on your breastfeeding journey. 

Pay the minimal Membership fee of 500 and be entitled to a free entrance to the succeeding Breastfeeding 202 and 303 classes and to other Special events.  To register just send an email to or text them through 0917 681436.

See you there!