The Mom

Hello.  My name is Tyna.  I used to be a full time working mom in the BPO industry.  Now I have left the corporate world and took the leap on being a Work-at-Home mother.  My husband and I are both working from home while taking care of two adorable kids.

About this Blog
Adventures on Planet Mom was created because of love. I love being a mother.  I love seeing my kids grow into who they are now and the fact that I am part of it every step of the way.  

I am a person who looks at things as an experiment.  I like exploring things and most of the time I get giddy when I get lost.  I feel a sense of accomplishment when I get to figure out things on my own.  I see motherhood and parenting as something similar.  Sometimes how you raised your daughter will not work for your son and vice versa.  Just like every parent in the world, me and my husband's goal is to raise happy and confident kids who will grow up to be successful and happy adults. 
And because I like to explore, I write about my family's experiences on a lot of things and restaurants that we have tried and visited that we attended
.........products that we used and love/like

Parenting is an adventure for me.  It's a never ending exploration and learning.  I didn't get the guidelines on what a perfect parenting should be because it does not exist.  I say it's something that you discover, learn and adapt.  You customize it depending on the type of personality your child has and modify it along the way.